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Merlin & Morgana (Season 2) - The Nightmare Begins

"Hi! I just want to let you know that I love your cs hiatus meme:) They are absolutely perfect:)"

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THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! You don’t know how happy your message made me!! It means a lot to me!! Thank you!! 


Anonymous asked:
"Hmm probably emma, hook, ruby, cockblockey grumpy, anton, and mulan. There are probably more that I cant think of haha What other shows do you watch?xx"

I don’t know how they do it, good writting I think, but most of the characters are likeable!!

Beauty & the Beast (still have to catch up!), Doctor Who (same here) and then there are shows that have ended but I still watch them.. Merlin, Gossip Girl and OUAT in Wonderland. I’m sure I have forgotten some!! What about you?? 

Give me a fandom and I’ll tell you
  • Favorite Male Character
  • Favorite Female Character
  • Least Favorite Character
  • Favorite Ship
  • Favorite Friendship
  • Worst Character Death (if any)
  • Saddest Moment
  • Funniest Moment

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Anonymous asked:
"O finally got my iphone back from the lab. About two weeks ago it broke, and when I first sent it the screen wasnt attached good so I had to send it again. Also today was my first day of school, which was bittersweet because I missed my friends but I could really use a longer summer lol Who is your favourite character on ouat??xx"

Oh, I know that feeling! I always was happy to be back but at the same time, I was already missing the summer. After a week, though, I wanted back my summer days! haha

I like a lot of characters and I would probably be like ‘awww’ when you mention one but my absolute favorite is a certain one handed pirate! He is my baby and I can’t get enough of him! What’s yours?? :D

cs hiatus meme ● [3/7] glances

"You two lost? You look lost to me."


The first words that Peter Pan says to Killian and Liam Jones. 


Why hasn’t more been said about this? The fact that Peter Pan immediately recognized the Jones brothers as being LOST. Not to mention the fact that the music in this scene first introduces Killian’s theme played on… guess what… a wooden flute, which is carried to the oboe, and picked up by the strings. Could this possibly be a reference to the special pan pipes that Peter plays that can only be heard by those who feel abandoned.

Peter Pan knew that the Jones brothers were lost — in the Neverland sense of the word. He could tell that even though they had each other, they were still abandoned. Liam’s death only makes Killian even more of a lost boy-manchild. 

Anonymous asked:
"Hey love!! This is your secret osl. How was your day? Xx"

Aww!! Hey!! :D


Excited because of the new teasers!!! haha

How was yours? 

I’ll be tagging all of your messages as *OSL anon

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Name: Ira (from Kalomoira)

Nickname: Ira

Birthday: 20 December


Sexuality: Straight

Height: 5’10 (1.78 cm)

What time and date is it there: 5:10pm, September 1

Average hours of sleep I get each night: It depends. Let’s say 6-8 hours

OTPs: Mergana, Captain Swan, Fourtris, Chair (I have a few more but these 4 are my top ones!)

The last thing I googled was: '1.78cm in feet' lol 

First word that comes to my mind: Chocolate

What I last said to a family member: 'Dad is really impatient' to my mom

One place that makes me happy and why: My grandparents’(from my mother’s side) house, I just love it there.. I don’t have a reason and any place near the sea because I’m in love with the sea.

How many blankets I sleep under: None.. it’s summer! In winter, though, 3! hehe 

Favorite beverage: Coca cola, juice

The last movie I watched in the cinema was: I don’t remember. It’s been ages since the last time I went!

Three things I can’t live without: My cat and bunny, my mom and water

Something I plan on learning: Honestly, nothing at the moment.

A piece of advice for all my followers: Find more reasons to smile.

You have to listen to this song: Bailando by Enrique Inglesias. The spanish version, though! I can’t stop dancing when I’m listening to it.

My blog(s): This one and a private sideblog(when you want to change your theme or something in your blog is really helpful!!!!) 

I tag mockingswan and purelighthealer 

I don’t know if you have already done it. 


are u picking up what i’m putting down

i’m not saying new main couple i’m just saying new main couple