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Walls up or not, complicated or not says nothing to me. All I know is that a little after ‘Tallahassee’ aired, I saw a video of Captain Hook and the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming and I immediately fell in love with them. They weren’t canon(and I have to admit that I never believed they would be until the season 2 finale!) and after a few episodes they didn’t have any scenes together… not to mention the dark times when Hook didn’t even appear on my screen!! Now they share so many scenes together AND THEY’RE CANON!!! That’s all I care!! My babies are canon! I may complain sometimes but then I remind myself all the above!!! 

Anonymous asked:
"as of now, i'm eating my breakfast haha. but yesterday, i did nothing. today, i'm applying for a job. and then attending a friend's birthday afterwards. so basically, today's a busy day but don't worry, i'll be working on those prompts. but i'm gonna keep what i'm doing a secret so that you'll be surprised on the day. tho, a lil clue: it involves smut haha :)) -secret survivor person"


I take dance classes(Ballroom and Latin) and we did a show so I was busy with rehearsals!!! :( Then my laptop broke! It took almost a month to get fixed!! *crying* But now I’m here!! I’M SO SORRY, I DISAPPEARED!! :( Now , I have lots of free time and my laptop is like a new one so I’ll dedicate myself to you!!

How are you??? What happened with the job you applied??


I’m playing Sims and have a comstume party. Two people died, one of them was the mother of my Sim. Party Crasher.

It happens to me all the time!! Especially at weddings!!! The other day, I made my sims go to the pool and while the toodler was aging up, her sister drowned! :s Then reaper was smimming!! haha


Regina is the reason she grow up an orphan in our world and tried to kill her. 

I know CS will have new obstacles(I’m looking forward to them) but having guilt about what her actions did to Regina is ridiculous! A little guilt is ok but not to the point where she can’t enjoy her relationship with Hook!

On a completely different note, I’M ALIVE!! Sorry for disappearing but real life got busy!!! Tomorrow I’ll be more active and answer my messages!!!





Go ahead. Do your worst.

this is either gonna be a terrible decision on my part or nothing’s gonna happen haha

I’ll only post the successful ones.

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"aww thank you, i love my country, too. and i might actually do two of those prompts you gave me! :)) how are you today? -secret survivor person"

You’re welcome!! It’s the truth!! :D

You might do two? 


Nothing special!! I spent my whole day(almost) reading fanfics and then I went to feed some stray cats!! What about you??

Anonymous asked:
"yeah, we're only a few from here. but what the hell, right? I'm Filipino, so there aha! oooooh, yes. i do write smut, don't worry, so if you have a smut prompt in mind, please do spill ehehe. i'll do the best i could. me, too! CS has taken over my life haha it's kinda hard to focus on something with these two idiots in my mind hahaha. :)) -secret survivor person"

Aww!!! *.* I just looked at some photos and I’m in love with Philippines!!!

I have this need for a Princess!Emma/Lieutenant!Killian where Emma tries to seduce him but he tries really hard to resist her and almost succeeds but in the end he fails miserably! Or the previous prompts I gave you, if it fits! *goes to hide now*


Anonymous asked:
"it's ten minutes to 8 in the morning, and i don't wanna give my location. there're only few of us from here and it might give my identity away eheheh. :)) okay okay, imma check on that prompt from you tomorrow ha! :) where are YOU from? -secret survivor person"

I read this last night but I was on mobile and I hate answering from there! :P I think it was around 3:something am. I think we have 5-6 hours difference? I don’t know!! I’m from Greece and I also think that we’re only a few greeks, at least in the CS fandom!

About the prompt. I’ll give you a few to choose the one you like best!!

  • A fic where Henry is Killian’s son. I have read a few fics but there aren’t enough. I want more!
  • Lieutenant!Killian/Princess!Emma fic. Or Pirate!Killian/Princess!Emma.
  • There’s a theory now that Elsa is coming to Storybrooke and I would love to read a fic about it. Elsa frozes Emma’s heart and she is the one to do the act of TL(to save Killian from something?) like Anna sacrificed herself to save her sister. I think it fits with Killian’s ‘I don’t know’ when he was talking with Charming.
  • Cursed!Killian but with no Gremma! I want to read one for so long but they have Gremma and I can’t read them! *crying*

That’s what I can think of. But seriously do what whatever your muse wants! I read everything, well except if there are 3rd people involved. I’m so obsessed with our OTP!!! I can’t see them with anyone else!! hahah This is sad!! :(

Can I ask you something? Do you write smut?


A fairytale princess at last…

Anonymous asked:
"yup i'm fine! i'm good. oh my, different timezones suck. but imma make this work, okay. do you have a specific prompt in mind, darling? :) -secret survivor person"

Oh yes! :( What time is there? Where are you from?

I don’t have a specific prompt in mind, right now. Give me one day to think!! haha