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Anonymous asked:
"I read the spoilers and its anazing!! But i do wish i wouldve waited xx"

It’s so difficult to avoid them! There is this voice in your head that keeps telling you to see them but at the same time you have this other voice that tells you no!

Until now I haven’t seen anything! But… But you say it’s amazing and… I’m tempted but I really want to be surprised so I’ll fight that urge! I managed to not see the cs kiss sneak peek(3x05) last year so I can do this! Not having my laptop helps!!!

Why do you wish you hadn’t seen them? You wanted to be surprised too?

Did you read my answer to your other message? Because I think I messed up and not published it?!

Anonymous asked:
"Im fine now!! Thanks I have so many!! I love twilight as well, divergent, THG (only the books), john green books, harry potter, all the original fairytales, if i stay (the first one!!), and i cant think of any else. I have these theories that I posted and id love for you to see them, so in six days!! What about you? What other character would you like ouat to add? Id live to see pochaontas (played by shay mitchell amen) and i already have so many ideas for that haha"

6 days! Can’t wait to find out who you are!

Pocahontas!! I would love to see OUAT’s version!
That’s difficult because I have never thought of this before!!
We have Pongo so I want to see Perdita, Roger, Anita, Cruella de Vil… the 101 Dalmatians basically! Did I put them on my favourite disney movies? I don’t remember!! I cry everytime I see the start credits and hear the song because as a kid I was watching it all the time(when I woke up, before sleep, afternoons) but then my aunt asked my mom if she could borrowed it for my cousins to see it. She agreed and they lost it! We went to every store but no one had it! Through the years we were trying to find it with no luck! A month ago, I downloaded it and I have it on my computer, external driver and on a dvd just to be safe!! Haha I guess it was a traumatizing event that still haunts me! lol

Favourite drinks?
Mine are juice, coca cola, coffee, tea, beer and something that I don’t remember its name! Haha

I want to remain unspoiled but I’m so tempted!!!! I don’t know what to doooooo!

What if I see the spoilers and then watch the episode next Sunday, well for me Monday and I’m dissapointed like I was with 3x12??? Now that I don’t expect anything CS related, it’s easy to surprise and please me but if I see any spoiler I’ll get high expectations that I’m sure the premiere won’t meet them!

But spoilers… It’s so hard to resist them!!! I’ll try my best and avoid them!


i would hereby like to welcome georgina haig and elizabeth lail to the “hi we still don’t realize we are not our ouat characters” club, president josh dallas, vice president colin o’donoghue, treasurer sean maguire

Anonymous asked:
"I was at a party and got dizzy (i have a bunch of health problems) so i had to ho home. Thank god my best friend was there because the friend i came with had no idea what to do. She called my parents and they came and picked me up. Well Id live to go to Brazil again, and visit the USA, and go visit my aunt in colombia. But as a kid I lived in London and I traveled all the way through Europe, so there aren't many places i havent been to. What about you? Sorry to hear about your computer Fav book?"

Are you alright now?

I have only gone to places inside my country so I would love to visit Italy, Spain, Ireland, Latin America(especially Argentina and Mexico) and New York!

I’ll admit that I wasn’t into reading much but the last few years that has changed! I love reading now! Most of the books I’ve read are from greek authors so they aren’t very popular! Anyway, some of my faves that are not greek are Romeo and Juliet, Divergent(the first one because I still haven’t read the others. I’m not ready for the heartbreak and also I have some unread books that I want to read first!) and Twilight(the entire saga! I know many hate it but I loved it, still do and I’m not ashamed to say it! lol) I also read a lot of fanfiction… A LOT! haha
What’s your fave?

I’m running out of questions! haha Any headcanons about season 4? Something you want to see happening??
Sorry, I could’t think of anything else! I’m so bad at keeping a conversation!!

❝My Hook if you please…❞
(me during the entire hiatus (via barcacastle-colin-always))

I’m watching the Pirates of the Caribbean(The curse of the Black Pearl). I was having fun until the feels arrived out of nowhere!!

Killian Jones is like a mix of Captain Jack Sparrow and Will Turner!

Lieutenant!Killian is Will Turner and Pirate!Killian/Captain Hook is Captain Jack Sparrow! HELP!

I want to viiiiiid!! I’m bored but at least I won’t get spoiled!


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Someone to just hug Killian Jones. Just wrap him in a comforting embrace, and let him lean a little.